​Diet & Sports Nutrition Supplementation Specialist

Presenter : Sourabh Kulkarni

Eligibility : HSC

Duration : 2 months (75 hrs)

Thrice a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Enrich your knowledge in the subject of sports nutrition & supplementation which is one of the most important factors in fitness, an essential component for a practicing fitness professional to have correct knowledge while guiding his clients. This course will empower you with the nuances of what to eat?, when to eat ?, why to eat? With regards to sportsmen, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, martial artists, body builder etc.

The following content areas are covered:

  • An overview of Sports Nutrition (Macros, Micros, pre competition diet, etc.
  • Energy for Exercise:
    What is Energy?
    What is ATP?
    Where does it come from?
    How it is measured?
    Energy Systems, what is creatine, what is lactic acid, what is Fatigue.
  • Fuelling Before, During and After Exercise Types of carbohydrates, glycemic index, glycemic load, low GI food, how much fiber, pre Workout meals, pre-workout Snacks, During Exercise intake of crabs plus protein, After Exercise how much Carbohydrate, protein? Post-exercise snack box, carb loading, etc.
  • Vitamins & Minerals What are vitamins, Minerals? How much do we need, balance diet chart, all about vitamin E, B, C, B12, Betacarotene, folic acid calcium,  iron, vitamin d etc. Various Question & Answers
  • Sports Supplements Antioxidant supplement Amino Acid supplement Beta-Alanine Beetroot Juice (Nitrate)Bicarbonate Caffeine Conjugated Linoleic Acid Colostrum Creatine Energy gels Ephedrine /fat burners Glutamine HMB Meal Replacement Products Nitric Oxide Supplements Protein Supplements Pre Hormones/Pro Hormones/Steroid Precursors/Testosterone boosters Taurine ZMA Various Question & Answers
  • Hydration
  • Body fat & Dietary Fat
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain & much more……

Presenter: Sourabh Kulkarni

Eligibility: HSC, Duration: 2 months (75 hrs) Thrice a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

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