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Firstly would like to congratulate Saurabh for the website launch ! It is almost two years now knowing Saurabh as he has been my personal fitness trainer ! Very sincere very dedicated and very passionate about his work and above all a good human being who Loves to give his best in all possible ways !I wish him great success in all his future endeavours !”

Manish Sabade
Guardian Corporation

“Myself and my wife will be shortly completing two years of fitness training under expert guidance of Sourabh Kulkarni. As I am a Football player, I am aware that to exploit one’s potential there is a need of expert coach who can push you to and beyond the limit. First time I started indoor exercises with Sourabh and I was surprised to see myself doing over 100 Joars(Hindu Push Ups/Dunds) at a stretch. at the age of 58 years due to the motivation from Sourabh. Now, myself & my wife, both of us jointly exercise including weight training. Both of us are now addicted to Sourabh’s exercise sessions. We will certainly recommend him to everyone reading this site.”

Vinayak Joshi
Cybercom Data Systems (B.Sc., DBM)

“Frankly speaking, I am not a fitness freak and had never done exercise here before. But after crossing 50, I started experiencing Fatigue, lack of stamina, persistent feverish feeling and like symptoms. After that I started fitness training under Sourabh’s guidance. Within a year things changed. I said bye bye to “Crocin”, which I used to take so frequently. Now, my days are filled with enthusiasm. I started looking for Exercise session eagerly. Doing exercise has become a joy. Sourabh motivates so well that I am able to complete nonstop 135 Surynamaskars !!!. This miracle happened only because of Sourabh. In true sense, with Sourabh, Results exceed your expectations!!”

Rekha Joshi
(M.Com, M.Phil. F.C.A., DIFRS London)
Founder – Mrs . Joshi’s Accounting Academy

“Sourabh is a dedicated & sincere professional who takes no shortcuts in his service & training. He has a holistic approach to fitness, & meticulously covers the entire gamut of lifestyle choices … from diet to cardio to rest & recovery. He pushes clients on their non-workout day behavior so as to maximize fitness output. He is punctual, respectful & makes training all the more enjoyable with his sense of humor.He helped me lose approximately 15 Kgs & 6 inches off my waist over a 1 year period. The slim fit shirts wasting away in my cupboard were finally of some use. Thanks Sourabh!”

Kunal Kashyap
Assist. General Manager
Aircel India

“I know Sourabh for more then a year now and he has changed the way we look at home training and yoga. The way we workout I have found much peace in my work and also during time where stress overtakes the body and hampers work. Training with him makes me feel better every night before I go to bed and also inspires me for setting up new goals for fitness and mental peace. We have also given him responsibility to start the same for all our team members at work to relieve from day to day routine. I thank Sourabh for teaching us simple techniques of fitness and wish him Good luck for making more and more people fit and happy on this planet in coming years.”

Sagar Gujar
C’Lai, The Clothier

“Sourabh sir is taking my fitness training from last one year, due to his enthusiastic nature knowledge about the field and versatile personality I m enjoying my health drive with lots of joy. Thanks for being with me, most importantly my schedule is very pack still he is taking my batch at 5 am daily which is always inspiring me.”

Dr. Navaniit Mandhaani
Ambitious Commerce Classes

“Sourabh designed diet & fitness programs to me, tailor-made to my body & my busy schedule. Working out with him was an absolute pleasure & fun. “Achieving the target weight should not be the only goal, maintaining it with good health should be the total objective”. He stresses healthy diet, daily exercise, Yoga & Pranayama has become now an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Sourabh.”

Dr. Avinash Deodhar
Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon

“Because of my professional erratic schedule I was not able to join Gym regularly; hence I decided to go for personalized training along with my wife. With properly designed diet & exercise program by Sourabh, I could successfully reduce my weight around 4 Kg’s in two months & wife could reduce weight around 6kgs in four months.I felt extremly energetic after the exercise & with the fresh mind I could think more creatively, which helps me in day to day professional activities. My daughter Isha also joined & gained height, further it helped her to develop her interest in exercise & sports rather than T.V. & video games.”

Pritam Athvale

“Its a pleasure to share my experience with Sourab, who has got a super specialised approach towards fitness and diet.It is a bit indigestive for others to believe that I lost almost 10 kgs in 2 months after my delivery. I had to undergo a c-section and I was indeed little scared of post delivery workout. But Sourab has a vast medical knowledge in the field of fitness. So I could safely reduce my weight without any complications. I would thank him for this drastic transformation. Because of him I got back my lost confidence. Good luck”

Sumi Borge
Fashion Consultant/Designer

“After seeing the results given by Sourabh to my colleagues in respect of general fitness & energetic look, I immediately subscribed for his unique services, not only for me but also for my wife and son together.It was a great experience to undergo ‘Personal Physical Training’ in comforts of my home with subtle but insistent pressure from Sourabh, and it was a great fun too. He modified our diet too from average to healthy one.In three months my tummy reduced by two inches and my son lose his weight by 5kgs & losses 20 inches overall and our weight became stable and sure, there was increase in energy level. Thanks to Sourabh’s sincere and holistic efforts on providing this unique and much-required service to the people.”

D.M. Muthe
City Corporation Ltd.

“After observing the fitness of my colleague Mr.Pritam Athvale who had taken Personal training of Mr.Sourabh. I have invited him, at that time I was suffering from chromic Sciatica & Back Pain. He designed a special training program of Yoga and Pranayama which is suitable to me. I have followed the training under his guidance for four months & have got measure relief. Now I am doing the same Independently. Many good wishes to Sourabh.”

G.S. Chandras
Businessman, Age 85.

“My name is asmita & my daughter’s name is priyadarshini. We both faced a car accident on 22nd may 2010 & had serious injuries & fractures. I lost almost 8 kgs as i was on liquid diet for one & half month. My daughter already had low weight. we both started Sourabh’s exercise & diet from september 2010 for weight gain.He gave us different diet for each season.He used to get one hour exercise done from us, which was combination of Functional Training, Aerobics, Yoga & Pranayama. This helped a lot to gain back our health as fit as it was before our accident.My daughter gained 9 kg in 9 months without strict diet I gained 10 kg in 6 months with strict diet. He used to keep his training sessions very interesting so we never got bored any day at all. Me & my daughter now developed strong interest in yogasana & we are always waiting for our weekly personalised tailermade sessions designed by Sourabh. We recommend him to everyone a big thank you sourabh for giving us very good resultes & keeping us fit.”

Asmita Patil

“One of my friend introduced sourabh to me three years back since then i am regularly working out under his expert guidance which has truly helped me to achieve my fitness goals. He is very passionate about his work, He not only motivates you but also makes sure to give our best while working out. My Son & Daughter have also joined him for personal training.We all are very happy with the results. Thank You Sourabh.”

Pankaj Dahanukar

“Sourabh is very focused and sets goals for his clients and makes sure he achieves them. He wants best results from his clients and doesn’t let you give up easily.”

Mr. Abhay Gadgil
Partner in PNG

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