Certified Bodybuilding Specialist

Presenter : Dr. Suraj Naik

Eligibility : HSC

Duration : 15 hrs

Considering the current scenario of youngsters losing their patience to achieve a good physique and trainers manipulating them to do so they are being attracted to using PED and nonessential supplement which is causing health hazards we are thus providing a scientific approach towards natural and enhanced bodybuilding how to do a thorough post cycle therapy and off-cycle therapy we are not encouraging any use of anabolics nor recommending its use.

The following content areas are covered:

  • Anabolics / Side effects & Management
  • Peak Week
  • Cutting/ Bulking
  • PCT/ OCT
  • Blood Work
  • Diuretics
  • Natural Vs Enhanced Bodybuilding
  • Off Season
  • Water & Salt Management
  • Female Bodybuilding & much more….

Presenter: Dr. Suraj Naik

Eligibility: HSC, Duration: 15 hrs

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